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Grant Program

Cora Voce is one of the nation’s only non-profit choirs that works to enrich our communities through both exceptional choral performances – and uniquely – our school music grant program that provides critical funding, scholarships, and mentorship to Western Washington schools and students. Our grants help local students cultivate essential, lifelong skills, including research-backed advancements in academic achievement and personal development. Perhaps most importantly, these programs provide the safe and supportive communities that are so integral to positive childhood growth and in turn, adulthood success.


To date, Cora Voce has awarded over $78,000 in grants and scholarships to elementary, junior high, and high schools in the Puget Sound region. Help support us in our mission to “Inspire, Enrich, & Educate” our local communities and next generation!

Grant Program

Raised for local WA school music programs.

WA schools have received grants, from Maplewood to Bremerton & beyond.

Students have benefitted from our Grant Program.

Are just a few of the many benefits recieved by our grant recipients. 




Mentorship, instruments, learning aids...

During this especially vulnerable period for our students and schools, help us come together as a community to continue providing much-needed support!

Choral Performances

Our Choir

Cora Voce's (Chorus of Voices) choir is a Tacoma-based ensemble founded in 2003 and under the artistic direction of Anne Lyman since 2023. Cora Voce offers exceptional, professional-tier choral performances in a broad range of styles and periods, both sacred and secular. Though a non-profit choir, we are committed to providing our communities with the highest quality choral programs and events – all of our singers are accomplished musicians selected via audition to best enrich our community through the power of music.  See for yourself at our next event!

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