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Audition to Join the Choir

Musical Qualifications: Members are expected to:
  • be able to sing your part independently in a mixed quartet
  • be able to sing in quartets
  • come to the rehearsal with your part learned
  • attend all six rehearsals prior to each concert series: Sunday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and both concerts Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.
    (see rehearsal/performance schedule)
  • participate in our annual fund-raising event as a volunteer, performer, and/or contributor.
To audition: Send us your musical resume describing your choral and vocal training, instruments you play (if any) and your performance experience. Since we are a project choir (4 performance projects annually) and do not rehearse weekly, you may apply to audition at any time.

Email your musical resume to: randalspitzer@gmail.com Upon receiving your musical resume, our director will contact you within two weeks to arrange for an audition, and subsequently to let you know whether you will be invited to join the choir.

Once accepted, members are encouraged to:
  • make tax-deductible donation of $75 or more per concert series to cover the cost of music and help with the choir’s operating expenses
  • help with tasks associated with choir operations as your time and talent lead you
  • help promote the choir by inviting friends, colleagues and family to our concerts
Annual Voice Balancing and Goal Setting: Each year members of the choir are required to attend a group audition called "voice balancing and goal setting." These are scheduled in the months prior to our first season series in the August-October time frame.

Cora Voce 2018-2019 Rehearsal Schedule: Cora-Voce-2019-2020.pdf

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