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Cora Voce - Music that Speaks to the Soul

Cora Voce is a Tacoma-based ensemble of about 40 singers dedicated to sharing and performing high-quality choral music. Our mission is: to inspire, enrich and educate. Through our generous supporters, Cora Voce supports young aspiring choral artists through college scholarships and supports school music programs through program building grants. Criteria, Application

Cora Voce was founded by Deuane Kuenzi in 2003 under the name Northwest Lutheran Choir made up mostly of alumni of the Choir of the West at Pacific Lutheran University. While many of our current members sang in the Choir of the West, others sang in equally fine college or community choirs. Membership requires exceptional choral skills as the choir assembles for just five rehearsals the week prior to each performance.

Under the artistic direction of Randy Spitzer since 2006, Cora Voce presents thematic programs with a broad range of choral styles, periods and languages, both sacred and secular. Cora Voce also frequently commissions and premiers new music, some written/arranged by members of the choir.

"Besides performing high-quality choral music, or goal is to build community with our members, our audiences and our community stakeholders. We aim to present performances that inspire the soul, enrich the lives of our members and our audiences and educate young aspiring musicians."
Randy Spitzer, Artistic Director

Cora Voce Choir Council

  • Sue Brabham, Teatro Finance Coordinator
  • Lindsay Delmarter & Daisy Nau, Teatro Show Co-Coordinators
  • Lynn Forrey, Concert Wear
  • Karen Moats, Teatro Event Coordinator
  • Ruth Pitingoro, Teatro Event Administration
  • Frances Rankos, Teatro Costumes & Makeup
  • Bev Richardson, Pre-Concert Meals
  • Jon Rodin, Recording, Teatro AV, Staging
  • Jim Scott, Concert Risers
  • Steve Smith, Teatro Volunteer Coordinator
  • Laurie Spitzer, Teatro Silent Auction
  • Betty Zaloudek-Moore, Assistant Director

Cora Voce Board of Directors

  • Eric Jensen, Board Chair and Treasurer
  • Ivan Gorne, Vice Chair
  • Judy-Rae Karlsen, Director
  • Wayne Lackman, Director
  • Randy Spitzer, Artistic Director
  • Claudia Thompson, Director


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